Ty Describes His Life After Traumatic Brain Injury

Ty – Life After Traumatic Brain Injury

I first got to go to the Brain Clinic and meet Dr. Hatch a year after my biking accident. I had been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. I had seen many, many doctors who could not seem to find any way to take away my constant 24-hour migraines or any of the other symptoms; such as balance and dizziness. I was unable to run, walk in a straight line, read, converse with others for longer than 10 minutes, and I couldn’t tolerate light and much noise. Each doctor started out ready to help but soon passed me along because they couldn’t figure out how to help me.  Therefore, when I went into Brain Rehab Clinic I wasn’t too optimistic that anything would change.

We started with balance testing and eye testing, and then I went in and met with Dr. Hatch. He was very enthusiastic and positive about getting me healed. He was very honest in explaining my symptoms and how real my problems were. However, he fully believed he could and would help heal me. He was very personable and was genuinely interested in my life and my healing process. He gave me therapies to do in the office and home exercises. After the first two weeks of being in and out of the clinic and doing the home exercises I could tell that Dr. Hatch had me headed in the right direction. To best help my healing Dr. Hatch wanted me in the clinic every month for a couple days straight. After two months I had good progress, but we hadn’t broken through like we had wanted. This is what impressed me most with Dr. Hatch. The progress I was making was not as much as I or he wanted, yet that never stopped his excitement and drive to get me healed. In fact, he took it as a challenge to learn more so that he could help me. As he continued to adjust my exercises and learn more on how to fix me, I could start to feel the difference in my symptoms and overall health. Still the progress was slow and not what Dr. Hatch was expecting. But once again, this did not stop him from wanting to help me. He didn’t pass me along to another doctor or lose faith. He consistently had the faith that he could learn the ways my brain needed to be healed.

At 4 months after my initial visit with Dr. Hatch we found the right combinations of in the clinic therapies and at home exercises. Healing did not come overnight like I wanted. It takes dedication and repetitiveness to the exercises and the process Dr. Hatch gives. So, as my brain continues to heal with the right brain exercises, it has been 7 months since my first visit with Dr. Hatch and 19 months since my accident. I can now run up to 3 miles in one run, I can have a full conversation with someone without side effects, I’m able to tolerate crowds and light, and I am continuing to be able to read more every day. The progress and healing that I have had has been incredible and humbling. I wouldn’t be in the place I’m in today without Dr. Hatch and his help with healing my brain. He has been there to help physically and emotionally every step of the way. I am so grateful for him and his staff in their help and commitment to getting me healed. I am beyond excited to be getting back to 100% and continuing my life without any symptoms.

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