Toni - Persistent Nausea Resolved With GyroStim Therapy

Toni – Persistent Nausea Resolved With GyroStim Therapy

The day after Christmas in 2018, I awoke with severe nausea. I had no other distressing symptoms, but the nausea proved to be persistent and harsh enough to keep me in bed until January when I had to return to work. My competent family physician checked me over, tested my blood, ruled out the usual suspected bacteria/viral culprits, and reluctantly turned me over to the specialists.

Over the next month, I endured a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, and a DEXA scan (for my gall bladder). Although I was happy that the tests were negative, I was dismayed that the nausea persisted, and its source remained unknown. A neighbor told me that her husband’s brother “had the same thing,” and it never went away. Great news, I thought. I felt sick if I ate; I felt sick if I fasted. Exercise neither increased nor decreased my queasiness. My quality of life was ebbing. It wasn’t a great start to the year.

After a couple of months of suffering, I did what I should have done the day AFTER the day after Christmas. I made an appointment with Dr. Hatch. He prescribed seven treatments in the GyroStim, a therapy the office had acquired since my last visit. Not a fan of rollercoasters, I was anxious about getting into a machine that promised to spin me in a variety of directions. Remember, my complaint was nausea, and the remedy offered seemed to be spending time in what looked like a nausea-inducing machine. However, putting my faith in Dr. Hatch (always the wise thing to do), I began my treatments.

My therapy with the GyroStim was quickly accomplished. The treatments themselves lasted only a few short minutes. I experienced no discomfort nor pain. My concern about increasing my level of nausea from the topsy-turvy therapy proved groundless. With each therapeutic turn in the GryoStim, my nausea decreased incrementally. After the prescribed number of treatments, my queasiness was gone. I can’t explain how it works; I’ve just experienced that it does work. I’m guessing that the therapy provided my brain with the stimulation it needed to correct whatever was happening in my body. I’m confident that if I need to use the GyroStim again that it will give me the same positive results.

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