Peggy and Steven - Advisory Committee Members

Peggy & Steven – Advisory Committee Members

Dr. Hatch & his team have become family to the Ayers’ clan. Life has dealt us an interesting hand to say the least over the last 5 decades. We have faced infertility, adoption heartaches, unemployment, suicide attempts, addiction, emotional trauma, autism, transgender choices, sexual assault, concussions, life decisions, moves & so much more life may throw at all of us. The kind of obstacles that cannot be fixed with just band-aiding it.

The Brain Rehab is a respite where you can soak your tired, hopeless cares in a type of “Pool of Bethesda” for eternal healing. The kind of healing that starts at the roots of the issue & works up.

Intention is everything for concrete results & Dr. Hatch & his team are as pure as they come in the medical world. A rare precious gift we may search a lifetime for & never find. Dr. Hatch has lived the hard days with you, he has no ego – only empathy, compassion & a passion for connecting the dots to reprogram what is not firing properly.

Dr. Hatch has a gift to see beyond the unwanted symptoms of our loved ones, cheerleading them to connect to their higher self. The person you know resides deep under the pain & shell that is masking their peace & joy. His lightspeed wisdom & knowledge lend to a brilliant perspective. You can trust he & his staff to have your family’s best interest. To us that speaks volumes.

Results do not lie; our family is proof of this. Heads, hearts & bodies have healed as a result of the dedication & cutting-edge Brain Rehab continues to offer us. Join us & believe again in yourself, your loved one & the ability to find healing regardless of your path. You are worth it!

Peggy Warner Ayers: Wife, Mother of two beautiful children, BS in Psychology from BYU, Chaplain for hospice & Celebrant but most importantly a friend.

Steven Larry Ayers : Hubby, Father, Avid scouter (receiver of the Silver Beaver award) BS in Finance from the University of Utah, Graduate from Pacific Coast Banking School, plus 21 years in Commercial Banking.

(A favorite calling next to being parents has been our latest role as Addiction Recovery Missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ the last 4+ years. We believe God can do ALL things, when & if it is His will. No one is too far gone, NO one. You Gotta Believe)!

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