Paul and Ginnie Serving The Mission They Didn't Believe Possible

Paul – Overcoming Memory Loss and Dementia

We were referred to John Hatch by a dear Friend.  Four years ago, my husband was struggling with anxiety, depression and memory loss. We were told after a neurological evaluation that it appeared to be the onset of dementia. Things weren’t going well, and Paul had been hospitalized several times. We took our friends advice and called to make an appointment.

From our first visit we were impressed with Dr. Hatch’s warm positive professionalism and expertise!  He started working with Paul in several areas including his brain, feet pain and blood pressure. All of which have improved!  Paul told me in 2014 we would not be serving a mission, so I needed to accept this fact! I was sad but more concerned with his mental health and physical pain. His foot pain was caused by a fall he took back in 1985 which almost took his life!  Paul and I learned how to help his brain through the information and exercises Dr. Hatch gave us to do, they were easy, and we loved working together. Six months after working with Dr. Hatch we returned to the Neurologist for an appointment and to be evaluated. The Doctor put Paul through all the tests once again then looked at us in disbelief and asked what we’d been doing, I told him we had been working with Dr. Hatch and he said whatever it is don’t stop. He took him OFF the Dementia spectrum all together.

People who saw Paul a year later at the Senior games pulled me aside and asked what I’d done to help my husband!  Keep in mind also Paul does take a couple of prescriptions (minimal dose) he exercises daily and we both stay active, walking outside, exercising at the gym and he cycles! He has less pain in his feet from treatments, his memory is excellent, and we are now Miraculously serving a Mission at the Deseret Cattle and Citrus Ranch in Florida for the next 18 months.  This time it was Paul’s Idea!

We have come to understand through this process and people we have known, that are our age, that we should NEVER GIVE UP!   I see too many women who when their husband starts to have problems, they just give up and try nothing and as a result they just slip into memory loss and old age! It’s truly sad to me!

We are help mates and should keep trying and be willing to explore new research, especially that which involves the brain!  I recommend being evaluated by Dr. Hatch.  You can’t go wrong if you follow his procedures and advice you will be better off!  We go back to see Dr. Hatch when we have other issues and always find help from his techniques and genuine caring attitude. I had an issue with vertigo and he diagnosed and treated it with different techniques which made all the difference for me!

I call Dr. Hatch a “BOLT” of sunshine because a “RAY” is just too small for Dr. Hatch’s smile and personal touch!  Paul and I personally recommend Dr. John Hatch!

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