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Neuroplasticity and Gyrostim

In this video, Dr. Hatch discusses the beneficial relationship between Gyrostim therapy and Neuroplasticity.

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talk 365 TVs talking wellness is broughtto you by brain rehab clinic withwellness team expert dr. John hatch heyeverybody welcome to our talkingwellness series as promised we have dr.John hatch up here in studio again hidr. hatsthanks family thank you so much forcoming up again I am so excited fortoday because almost two years ago canyou believe almost two years ago youcame up here it was the first chance Ihad it to meet youyou’d written a book aboutneuroplasticity and functional neurologyand little did I know that you weregoing to change my life so I had enteredmy brain two years ago I fell down I hitthe back of my head and I didn’t realizehow far down the path I had gone intohaving a concussive response I didn’teven know what that was I wasn’tfunctioning or navigating anywhere nearwhat was my normal so I wanted to bringyou back up to talk about functionalneurology neuroplasticity and the waysthat you’re able to help people with allkinds of problems that they may not beconnecting like I was to a brain injurylet’s start with functional neurologywhat is that the simplest way tounderstand functional neurology is justto understand that in order to changethe brain you have to activate itssystems the brain works on sensory inputinto the cortex and then shoots it outand your brain adapts or reacts we onlyhave control of 10% of that 90% isinvoluntary so when you look atfunctional neurology the key infunctional neurology is to understandwhat part of the brain is working greatwhat part isn’t working and is theconnecting pathways functioning or not Ithink that 10% vs. 90% is such aninteresting fact about functionalneurology because you don’t realize howmuch brain power it takes to do thingslike free or grow your hair grow yournails I loved you mentioned in apresentation you were doing and you’relike you don’t think about whom I know Iwant it to grow a little more to thewriter I want this acne to go away it’sso fascinating to me and I’ve had myeyes open so wide as to why so manypeople are struggling and they can’tfind answers because no pill nosupplement no diet isto change the brain you have to rehabthe brain through exercises so let’stalk a little bit about neuroplasticitywhat that is what it means and then howwe get it okay okay a neuroplasticity isnarrow meaning the brain and plasticmeeting is moldable and changeable youcan literally connect different pathwaysI mean for some people they can’t do afinger tap but neuroplasticity is theability to train the brain to learn itso you can do it without it it’s kind oflike piano playing it’s kind of likelearning a language those are forms ofneuroplasticity and we don’t realizethat the gut also needs aneuroplasticity the sleep patterns inthe brain neuroplasticity everything inthe cortex is ran based on how eachsystem is entered blocking andinterchanging with one another so whenyou’re looking at neuroplasticityyou have to activate the brain againmedication goes to a certain area of thebrain they’re trying to hit receptorsbut there still needs activation toconnect pathways together and that’swhat neuroplasticity is all about theability to connect one system to anothersystem so you can have a better outcomein that system we were talking earlierabout research showing through video ofthe brain that the neurons it willrepair itself the neurons will go aroundthe dead neuron and find the other onebut again supplements diet willpowermeditation therapy none of those thingsare going to make that happen it takesthe exercises to ignite that area of thebrain that is not functioning correctlyand to make those connections happen sothen you can function right and you canthen implement what you’re learning formeditation or from spirituality or fromyour therapist that is advising you todo let’s talk a little bit about peoplewhat they’re suffering with and then howit relates to brain problems yeah andyou said it best you said the brainrepairs itself a lot of times I hearpeople it can heal well I could be healor will myself I don’t think I would bebald yeah I’d have hair Megan you can’twill yourself to certain limitationsthat theRayne has whether it be genetic butagain genes are expressed or notexpressed or dormant ‘add via activationof the brain so when you look at geneticimbalances when you look at neurologicalimbalances disorders and especially thewhole autistic spectrum disorder theanxiety bipolar schizophrenia thepsychosomatic or psychologicalimbalances again their 10% can’toverride the 90% no does the 10%influence the 90% absolutely it doesevery day all day and so the morepositive we are the better yes butthere’s other pathways that have to berunning all the time let me make it somuch easier to be positive it’s so mucheasier to not be in a stressful statebecause people think stress and theythink psychological no no I’m notstressed I’m fine but they forget thatthe gut can have stress that joints canhave stress the sleep scary stressresponse all of these differentfunctions that create stress and againno amount of supplementation ormedication or diet changes is going tocreate the plasticity unless you connectneuron to neuron B activation talkedabout the time and the timeline forneuroplasticity and that’s a hard thingfor people people want to change youmost people want to change and theychange now and that’s why it’s hard forpeople to lose weight because they haveto diet as long as they do or exerciseas long as they do I feel really bad forthose that have dieted a year andexercises a year and no change yeahalways tells me that’s a brain everysingle time because you’re doing what ittakesneurologically it should happen unlessthe brain is protecting it fromsomething remember the first law ofnature is survival the brain will doeverything it can to survive so nomatter what you’re doing to itit will survive and it’ll find a way tosurvive and so what we see inneuroplasticity – for the brain to sayalright I’m done trying to survive thisway you’ve altered yourself enough thatI’m willing to survive this way I kindof look at that that’s that three to sixmonth windowconsistent brain therapies andactivations and these the great thing isthese are done at home this isn’tsomething that’s done at my office allthe time or at a Center somewhere thisis done at home continually activatingthe brain and three to six months laterthat brain gets in on board with whatthe input it is that given and it feelsthe most safe in this situation againit’s creating hierarchy it’s tellingyourself hey you’re in this stress Ineed to swell the legs I need to dothese things these are responses thatthe brain is telling it to do now let’stalk about the gyro stim because thiswas a game-changer for me and weightloss well that’s the thing that was soincredible is with your system all youreye tests were getting better the onetest that wasn’t improving at the levelwe wanted was your balance score youstill had a posterior center of pressurethat makes you feel in a constanttactile stress response no matter whatyou’re doing and then try to sleepyou’re still in the tectile response bylooking at that balance and once we gotthe gyrus stem and we started pitchingyou forward and activating the correctcanals in the correct sequence we wereable to literally bring your postureback to neutral stabilize your systemand your brain was no longer in thestress response and then you watch theweight just go it was insane so for awhole monthI was really good about my exercises andjust dropping weight I dropped 15 poundslike it was nothing it was I mean I didstill work out I was doing intermittentfasting I was doing the work but all ofa sudden 2 plus 2 was equaling 4 andthen I got busy and I didn’t get downthere as much so all of a sudden I feltit again and I tightness in my hands andmy legs and my heart starts to pound andI was like oh no and I realized thatgyro stem is the reason I lost theweight let’s talk about why it’s sospecial to have that here in Utahbecause there’s it’s like only a few onthe planet yes there’s only 22 I mean Ithink they’re still makingso there’s one just put in Chicagomm-hmm but that’s the only one in thestate of Utah and again its purpose isto activate canals to rehab the centralvestibular imbalances or balance issuesor perceptual imbalances that again aswe talked about the vestibular system isone of the largest parasympatheticfunctions in the brain that’s why whenpeople get too much rollercoasters orfeel uneasy they mom it right and againit’s one of the major pathways that runwhile you’re sleeping there’s only a fewpathways that are running while you’resleeping the other ones dormant so thatyou can sleep the vestibular system isconstant it’s so important because it’sthe only thing constantly fightinggravity so a lot of that suffering withPTSD have finally found relief through agyro stemwho else is able to be helped with thatamazing equipment as well as otherthings that you a lot of the things I’veseen is vertigo balance issues maldeportation syndrome where it’sbasically land sickness they go on acruise or go air go on a plane and thenthey’ve been sick and nauseous theycan’t walk down aisles at the grocerystore because it gives them a perceptionthat they’re rotating or moving thesetypes of things are very helpfulespecially post concussion syndrome Imean all head trauma has a rotationalvestibular breakdown so without therehab of the gyro stem or the vestibularsystem you’re never going to get theoutcome that you seek with a type ofhead trauma that you’re dealing with getthat final some people have sit willcome in even years after a head traumasand all this therapy and they’re stillsuffering just a little and then weactivate that their brain through thegyrus stem balance everythingsometimes change let’s quickly touch onkids because so many kids out there arebeing diagnosed or misdiagnosed orlabeled as a DD ADHD there’s autismthere’s the spectrum and not that all ofthose things don’t exist but a lot ofthose things exist because of an injuryto the brain these kids are hyper andhaving fun how many of them just felldown and hit their head a lot of timeswe put these labels on him so it givesus an understanding of what someonemight be going through or how can wehelp them if they have this label orthat label but that spectrum is justgetting broader and broader and broaderbecause there’s no amount of medicationor our supplements that’s going tochange that plasticity in the brain soyou have to activate it right and no twokids are the same there’s so many othervariables going on in the brain andpeople don’t take all that intoconsideration so when a patient comes inevery walk of life adult child infant -those that are right at the end ofAlzheimer’s and dementia you can stillmake changes to the brain by activatingit correctly and finding exactly whatthey need if you feel like you’renavigating great but you’d like to bebetter so maybe you’re not experiencingthings at this level but you’re insports that is also a category that youtreat oh yeah just a high highfunctioning athleticism you are only asstrong as your core everyone says thatin the health world right I was apersonal trainer for seven years but inmy world what I’ve learned now about thebrain is you’re only as strong as yourbalance system so the stronger yourbalance alert system is the faster yougo if you have a posterior centerpressure and maybe you don’t have sleepissues and don’t have anxiety you alsocan’t run as fast in order to run youhave to get your brain to lean forwardbut if your brain doesn’t like to leanforward you actually won’t run fasterhand-eye coordination control functionthese are all athletic sports thingsthat are controlled by the brain and sofinding that isso much how many professional athletesuse the gyro stem canoes so if you arein a world of athletics and you alsowant to better your life in that waythis is the place to go so obviously ifyou’re excited about this information ifyou’re struggling with any of thesethings if a loved one or a child ofyours is struggling and you have been todoctors you’ve had tests you’ve beengiven a clean bill of health and toldyou should be fine and yet you know whatyou’re not fine whatever stage you’re ingive them a call set up an appointmentthere is a number of webinars and theinformation that you can find both onyour website and on ours and on ourFacebook page that you can get moreinformation or give them a call and getdown there and just get in and seewhat’s going on because trust me theywill have the answer which is the bestfeeling so dr. hatch thanks for comingup again welcome always a pleasureoh don’t go anywhere we’ll be right back on top 365 TV right after this

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