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Neuroplasticity and Gyrostim

In this video, Dr. Hatch discusses the beneficial relationship between Gyrostim therapy and Neuroplasticity. Computer Generated Transcript:talk 365 TVs talking wellness is broughtto you by brain rehab clinic withwellness team expert dr. John hatch heyeverybody welcome to our talkingwellness series as promised we have dr.John hatch up here in studio again hidr. hatsthanks family thank you so …

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Nerve Tissue - What is Neuroplasticity? - The Brian Rehab Clinic

What is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity or “brain plasticity” refers to the brain’s ability to change or adapt both physically and functionally throughout life by stimulation from your environment, behavior, thinking, emotions etc. As a little baby when you learn to roll over, sit up, walk, run, or play you stimulate your brain to help you grow and learn new …

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