Dr. John Hatch with Carrie

Carrie – Recovery from Black Outs

My name is Carrie; I am 63 years (young now)

I am so filled with gratitude for the opportunity to have this incredible, amazing, diagnosis, understanding, life changing experience and treatment from Dr John Hatch and the Brain Rehab Team.

They have miraculously given me my life back! I am one of their senior patients and now I know it is never too late in life to change and progress. I haven’t felt so excited about life for a very long time.

When I was searching for help I had had two black out experiences while driving. One time I took out a fire hydrant. It was so scary I didn’t dare drive again. I went to multiple doctors and had multiple tests where nothing was found that anything was wrong with me. When I went to my chiropractor, Dr Jon Ogao, he referred me to Dr John Hatch. After doing the tests at the Brain Rehab Clinic Dr Hatch diagnosed me with having Emotional Blindness.

Dr Hatch is truly a genius, filled with compassion and a gift for healing. My experience all 5 days of intensive treatment was amazing. It was surprising to me that I showed so much progress in the very first day of treatment.

When I woke up on day two I observed my head was clearer and I wasn’t as tired as usual.

I have been doing my daily exercises for 6 weeks now. I found it is a MUST to start and end my day with them and fill in the other 3 times throughout the day.

When you feel broken beyond repair, Dr John Hatch sees healing beyond belief. As I continue my journey in healing I look forward to the day I can drive again. Thank you Dr Hatch!

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