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Sound doesn't have to be unpleasant. You can retrain your brain with dedication, perseverance, and practice.


Concussions can do more than keep you out of the game. Heal your brain and return to a normal life.

Emotional Disorders

When life's got you down or stressing you out, we'll pick you up.

Feeling Lost

Can't figure out why that hurts or you feel the way you do? We hear that a lot and we can help!

And So Many Other Things As Well

the brain is responsible for nearly every function of our body after all.

Our Patients Are At The Heart Of Everything We Do

These incredible individuals have tackled huge obstacles in their lives and we are excited to be part of their team. We likewise asked that they become part of our team to help us improve the experience for you and other patients. Meet our advisory committee members:


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Misophonia Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn exactly what is happening inside the brain of someone suffering from misophonia. You will also gain access to 3 brain exercises that have been clinically tested and proven by Dr. John Hatch to greatly reduce the emotional and reflexive reactions from misophonia. For $49.95 you will have lifetime access …

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Join Hundreds of Satisfied Patients

I not only have had the opportunity to work along side Dr. Hatch and see the countless people he has helped, but I have also had the chance to be a patient of his. I had so much brain frog after I had my daughter. Within days of receiving my brain exercises I was almost 100% better. He also helped my daughter when she had weird rashes on her body and has aided her in development. We are so grateful for the staff and doctors at Brain Rehab Clinic and the amazing work they do!!
Karly P.
Dr. Hatch is our Miracle Doctor.... When other doctors gave us no hope that our son would walk or talk, Dr. Hatch gave us a son that would walk, talk, and thrive! He spoke with hope and confidence every time he saw us.... I truly believe there is no other doctor like him.... He knows exactly what connection the brain needs for any problem... TRUE MAN OF FAITH!
Kane B.
This place is an answer to prayers
Amy R.
The Brain Rehab Clinic is an amazing and unique place. My family sees Dr. Hatch and we are so grateful for his dedication and genuine care.I was personally living in pain due to a car accident and I was amazed at how quickly it went away after some simple eye exercises.The course of how I take care of myself and my family has definitely changed.Our sincere thanks to Dr. Hatch and his wonderful staff!
Lourdes S.
Dr. Hatch is amazing. I can’t believe how much better I feel. The staff is so kind and courteous.
Sarah F.
All of the staff are amazing and super kind. They really do go out of their way go make sure you have a good experience. Dr. Hatch really knows his stuff and is incredibly nice. I highly recommend his services.
Andy O.


Supplements and CBD Oil Therapy in Utah

Functional Medicine and Supplements Bodily function is inextricably linked to nutrition. Everything from muscle function to neural pathways rely on the appropriate nutrients being available. Unfortunately, eating well doesn’t always mean that your body receives the nutrients it needs. A number of different situations, such as inflammation, can reduce your bodies ability to absorb needed …

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Neuroplasticity and Gyrostim

In this video, Dr. Hatch discusses the beneficial relationship between Gyrostim therapy and Neuroplasticity. Computer Generated Transcript:talk 365 TVs talking wellness is broughtto you by brain rehab clinic withwellness team expert dr. John hatch heyeverybody welcome to our talkingwellness series as promised we have dr.John hatch up here in studio again hidr. hatsthanks family thank you so …

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Concussion – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

More than 1 million Americans are treated for concussion every year. Concussions affect people of all ages and can be life-changing, career-ending events, especially for athletes. Concussions typically occur while playing an organized sport (as a result, more than 50 percent of concussions occur in children)1 but they can be caused by anything that forces the …

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Meet Dr. John Hatch

Dr. John Hatch - Brain Rehab Clinic

My passion, dedication and drive come from a time in my life when I suffered a devastating brain injury. Nobody around me knew what I was dealing with and even I didn't realize how hard it was for me until I repaired the function in my brain. School was such a struggle and I was slower than most kids in reading and test taking. This experience gave me a genuine and sincere desire to help all those I can get through a difficult health crisis. 

Dr. John Hatch, DC

Chiropractic Physician, Board Certified Functional Neurologist

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