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Things We Treat


Sound doesn't have to be unpleasant. You can retrain your brain with dedication, perseverance, and practice.


Concussions can do more than keep you out of the game. Heal your brain and return to a normal life.

Emotional Disorders

When life's got you down or stressing you out, we'll pick you up.

Feeling Lost

Can't figure out why that hurts or you feel the way you do? We hear that a lot and we can help!

And So Many Other Things As Well

the brain is responsible for nearly every function of our body after all.

Our Patients Are At The Heart Of Everything We Do

These incredible individuals have tackled huge obstacles in their lives and we are excited to be part of their team. We likewise asked that they become part of our team to help us improve the experience for you and other patients. Meet our advisory committee members:


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Misophonia Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn exactly what is happening inside the brain of someone suffering from misophonia. You will also gain access to 3 […]

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Megan Brock Lindblom Johansen
Megan Brock Lindblom Johansen
Dr. Hatch has changed our lives! he is so knowledgeable and loving. He takes the time to listen to you, answer questions, and explains everything in a fun and easy to understand way. But the results speak for themselves! My husband came in with severe anxiety and almost constant panic attacks and PTSD and walking out with calm peace, and hope for the first time. thank you Dr Hatch! His staff is amazing as well. Every single person is happy to see you, and gets you through each therapy as quickly as possible. very efficient and kind! Also I have my spine fused from t2-l2 with titanium rods. my back has constant tension and muscle spasms. They put me on a great electromagnetic pulse therapy machine a few times now and I'm actually seeing relief! the muscles are losing and spasms are not constant. we are just so happy!read more
Leanne Wynn Roghaar
Leanne Wynn Roghaar
Most amazing place ever! The doctors and staff are absolutely amazing to work with, and I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my son who has a TBI! So glad we were told about this place- I would recommend it in a heart beat to anyone! �read more
Kane Becerra
Kane Becerra
Dr. Hatch is our Miracle Doctor.... When other doctors gave us no hope that our son would walk or talk, Dr. Hatch gave us a son that would walk, talk, and thrive! He spoke with hope and confidence every time he saw us.... I truly believe there is no other doctor like him.... He knows exactly what connection the brain needs for any problem... TRUE MAN OF FAITH!read more
Ava Henderson Treu
Ava Henderson Treu
My family and I love DR. Hatch! He has helped us in so many ways! From food allergies, parasites, babies walking and talking, trapped emotions, chiropractic care, anxiety and depression, and so many other things we go to him for everything!read more
Kristin Taylor Petrucci
Kristin Taylor Petrucci
Dr. Hatch and Dr. Seth are amazing to work with and I have had a lot of improvement in 3 months time. My anxiety has gone way down, I feel that I have a hold on my seizures, and extra benefits that I didn’t know would occur like less negative thoughts, headaches and ability to concentrate have all improved. The staff are so kind and helpful.read more
Hailey Mattson
Hailey Mattson
Both Dr. John Hatch and Dr. Seth Woolstenhulme are the best!
Katie Jones Western
Katie Jones Western
Thanks for always taking care of our son Hadley and making him feel so awesome and loved. He's doing really well and we are very happy with what you guys are doing with him to help him accomplish new goals with his health issues. Dr. John Hatch has given us lots of hope for Hadley's future in being able to overcome things we never thought he would do. We love you Dr. Hatch and you're amazing staff !!! Thanks for being a part of our family.read more
Cristine Eckles
Cristine Eckles
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Meet Dr. John Hatch

Dr. John Hatch - Brain Rehab Clinic

My passion, dedication and drive come from a time in my life when I suffered a devastating brain injury. Nobody around me knew what I was dealing with and even I didn't realize how hard it was for me until I repaired the function in my brain. School was such a struggle and I was slower than most kids in reading and test taking. This experience gave me a genuine and sincere desire to help all those I can get through a difficult health crisis. 

Dr. John Hatch, DC

Chiropractic Physician, Board Certified Functional Neurologist

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